Hitesh Mehta has worked on several Urban  Planning  and Design projects.  Has also carried out research on the subject. People places.  It provides mainly Site Analysis and Planning  and design services.  Following are examples of some of Urban  Planning  and design related projects that Hitesh Mehta has been involved in:

Qianshan New Village, Zhuhai, China. Mr. Mehta is the Planning and Design Team Leader for the development of a 15,000 resident Eco-Village which offers a high quality mixed-urban village product, integrated in a cultural and environmental atmosphere under the concept of high-end and middle-end residential multi-story apartments, 4-star hotel, retail, temple and museum. Mr. Mehta’s firm in conjunction with other consultants is providing full services from Conceptual Planning to Construction Observation. (1/10 to present).

1. Participated in a two-week workshop and presented documentation on urban design, site planning and design guidelines for memorials and memorial parks in Washington, D.C., to the National Planning Commission and National Park Service.

2. Assisted in the design of Main Street in Greenville, South Carolina ($1m). Facilitated project from inception to completion of construction drawings.

3. Aided in the design of a major transit facility and streetscape project for Pierce Transit, Tacoma, Washington. Prepared construction drawings and built working models.

• Tabuan Jaya New Township – a 3,500-acre new- urbanist town in Sarawak State, Malaysia.  Mr. Mehta was the Project Manager and designed several conceptual plans, and prepared a booklet of design ideas and philosophy for the client (3/98 to 7/98).

• Greater Bahcesehir – a 750- acre satellite city located near Istanbul, Turkey.  Mr. Mehta was part of a team at CHK Architects and Planners in Silver Spring, Maryland that consulted on the design development and prepared construction documents and helped in organizing a relatively short time schedule. This project won the International Human Habitat award and also an AIA award (12/96 to 7/97).

• Whittier Park, Falls Church, Virginia. – At CHK Architects and Planners Mr. Mehta prepared schematic designs for a 5 acre new urbanism development (Single family units, town houses and a Marriot Hotel) (4/97 to 6/97).

• Harbour Place, Wheaton, Maryland – At CHK Architects and Planners Mr. Mehta prepared schematic designs for a 6 acre town house residential development (2/97 to 4/97).

• Conducted a feasibility study for “Parklands Shopping Mall” – a commercial and retail center in a Nairobi suburb.

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