Anne Winn House

Anne Winn House, Dominica, West Indies

HM Design conducted detailed environmental site analysis and prepared schematic master site plan for a 14 acre mountain site, site and building study models, and detailed design architectural floor plans, elevations and sections for a 1,500ft2 Owners House and 1,000ft2 Guest House. The terms of reference are for HM Design to facilitate the project from inception to completion. The owner had been collecting discarded and abandoned materials and HM Design will be working with local builder Clem Frederick, a master-craftsman at using recycled and re-used building materials. Other amenities include a demonstration permaculture farm with greenhouses, a caretaker’s house and rope bridge (8/09 to present).

Physical Analysis

3 IMG_3377 13 IMG_1164 12. Ground Floor Plan_120909 8. North Elevation_120909 9 Conceptual Site Plan 4 IMG_3336 15 IMG_4362 2. IMG_3317 14 IMG_4361 16 01072010279 1. IMG_3305 7. IMG_3320 5 IMG_3355 11 IMG_3332 10 Detailed Conceptual Site Plan_102809 14 IMG_4361 5 IMG_3355 4 IMG_3336 2. IMG_3317 7. IMG_3320 9 Conceptual Site Plan 13 IMG_1164 15 IMG_4362 12. Ground Floor Plan_120909 10 Detailed Conceptual Site Plan_102809 8. North Elevation_120909 11 IMG_3332 3 IMG_3377 16 01072010279 1. IMG_3305 2 Site map 1 Location Plans

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