Lobolo Ecolodge, Lake Turkana , Kenya.

 “Lobolo Ecolodge”, Lake Turkana, Kenya – HM Design consulted on the site selection, site planning, architectural design and landscaping of a 30-bed ecolodge on a 5 acre property in an oasis on the shores of Lake Turkana. This project was planned and designed with the help of local Turkana peoples and was featured in OUTSIDE Magazine. All buildings were located such that no tree was cut and the existing spring water flow was tested to ensure that just enough water was used for the lodge and that there was grazing land for the cattle of the local Turkana.

1 overall site plan 2 entry pavilion plan 3 entry pavilion 4 turkana mother 5 meeting with elders 6 main bldg plan 7 main bldg roof plan 8 main bldg elevation 9 guest rm plan 10 guest rm elevation 11 guest rm elevation2 12 guest rm section 13 view of pasture 14 oasis spring 15 site from lake 16 managers hse plans 17 Staff village elevation 18 local furniture

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