Hitesh Mehta has associations with consultants from all around the globe and can bring onto a project any of the following depending on the size and type of the project.


Adrian Welkey, Australia

Richard Nightingale, Africa and Caribbean

Studio Infinity, East Africa

Jaya Kader, Central America and Caribbean

Simon Velez, South and Central America

Patrick Dillon, Panama and Costa Rica

Sketch Studio, Kenya

Landscape Architecture and Planning:

Studio Arth, Caribbean and India

Ai Design, Central and South America

EDSA, The World

Land Design, South America

DuLand Design, USA and China

Arthur Adeya, Kenya


Esteban Biondi, Caribbean

CEP Partnership, Structural and Civil, Caribbean

Hardip Sura, Structural and Civil, East Africa

Elemech, Mechanical and Electrical, East Africa

Genivar, Mechanical and Electrical, Caribbean

Jonathan Todd, Environmental Systems, USA and Canada

Graham Shaw, Caribbean

Peter Kerrigan, Caribbean

Quantity Surveying:

Russel Alwell, Caribbean

Tower Cost Consultants, East Africa

Interior Design:

Décor, East Africa

Marcelo Villegas, South and Central America

Graphic Design and Architectural Graphics:

EDSA, The World

Community Planning and Empowerment:

Ana Baez, South and Central America

Dr. Anna Spenceley, Asia

Christine Guchu-Katee, East Africa

Rob Wild, Africa and Asia

Pre-Project Planning:

Tony Charters and Associates, Australasia

Marketing Analysis and Feasibility:

Norton Consulting, USA, Caribbean, Central and South America

Conservation, Biology, Ornithology:

Dr. Viviana Ruiz, Central and South America

Dr. Munir Virani, Middle East, Africa and India

Dr. Najma Dharani, Africa

Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Product Development:

Costas Christ, The World

Keith Sproule, The World


Michael Chiang – Feng Shui

Prabhat Poddar, Vastu

Chanddrakant Vaya, Vastu

Martha Cuffy, Six Senses


Matthew Lewis

John Allyn

Chad Brintnall

S O C I A L   M E D I A