Planning and Design for the Earth

We are a holistic firm that provides:

We exist to honor animals, plants, humans, and their spirituality through collaborative participation and intentional design.

Featured Work

Welcome to HM Design

Welcome to the altruistic, creative, sensitive and multi-disciplinary modern-renaissance firm of HM Design. This website showcases HM Design projects from across the globe and exhibits professional services ranging from Protected Area Physical Planning to Architecture, Public Speaking & Photography! 

This website includes eco-designs of Ecolodges, Residential Houses, eco-planning of Sustainable Tourism Destinations and green designs of Office buildings and Cultural Centers. 

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An Academic Resource

Browse this website and experience some of the most environmentally and socially friendly projects on the planet. We are 70% Design Firm, 30% Academic Repository. We practice applied research to provide students and firms around the world with a powerful tool for global impact. Feel free to use our projects (w/ attribution) as case studies for your research papers, thesis, presentations, and more.