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History of HM Design

HM Design began on a dining table in a small one-bedroom apartment in Nairobi, Kenya in 1991 as a traditional Architecture and Landscape Architectural practice but is currently based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and has now metamorphosized into a world-renowned, specialty eco-planning and eco-design office. HM Design is considered by its peers, as the world’s leading practitioner and researcher on ecotourism physical planning, landscape architectural and architectural aspects of ecolodges. It is also a multi-international award winner in the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Planning, Interior Design and Photography.

Each plan and design is a response to the local context: physical, metaphysical and cultural.

Our projects have a respect for animals, plants, local people and the spirit of the place.

Our Values

Locally Lead

We honor projects with the use of local labor, plants, materials, and indigenous wisdom for site analysis and planning, and delivery.

Substance Over Aesthetics

We plan and design with the intention of making something as beautiful as it economically, socially, environmentally and spiritually sustainable. 

Stewardship For All

The intention to care for Mother Earth and all her species guides us from day one and continues into construction supervision.

Our Philosophy

HM Design is a unique one-of-a-kind planning and design firm which practices its very own quadruple bottom line philosophy – one that balances economic, environmental, social and spiritual aspects for every project.

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Hitesh Mehta

Hitesh Mehta, President of HM Design, sees his firm’s work as an opportunity to improve the earth for all. Greatly influenced by Gandhi’s spiritual and moral principles, HM Design strives every single day to be “the change it wishes to see in the world.” Hitesh has built projects and consulted in over 65 countries spanning six continents and is an eco-Architect, eco-Landscape Architect, Environmental Planner, Professional Photographer, Adjunct Professor and Author.