Hitesh Mehta conducts Eco-Design and Eco-lodge workshops all over the world . They are 2 day, 3- day and 5 day workshops. Following are the places where these workshops have taken place:

1. Manila and Subic Bay, Philippines

2. St. John Island, US Virgin Islands, Caribbean

3. Cyangugu, Rwanda

4. Kenya

5. Montreal and Quebec, Canada

6. Sikkim and Jim Corbett NP, India

7. San Juan, Puerto Rico

8. Portland and Monterey, USA

9. Nairobi, Kenya

10. Muscat, Oman

11. Cairo, Egypt

12. Blue Ridge Mountains and Alice Springs, Australia



Hitesh Mehta is one of the most sought after speakers in the world and has presented in over .

Music, dance, theater, poetry are all mixed in with Hitesh’s edu0tainment style. He has presented in the following places:

1. Manila

2. St. John Island

3. Rwanda

4. Kenya

5. Canada

6. Sikkim, India



HM Design is also the frontrunner research company and carried out research in Certification, Aesthetics, Hunting and fishing, Community Empowerment etc.

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