Aga Khan University Hospital Imaging Center

Interior Architecture & Design

Nairobi, Kenya

This Imaging Center is located at the junction of Muthithi Rd. and Chiromo Lane in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.

All architectural, interior architectural and interior design aspects were designed together from day one with environmentally and socially friendly principles in mind. After researching several local hospitals such as MP Shah and Aga Khan, it was decided by HM Design that a new style of interior design for medical facilities needed to be introduced to create spaces that bring joy and happiness to the patients and the relatives and friends accompanying them to the center. Bright colors were used in public areas and art work and each one of the diagnostic rooms had different colorful wall-art designed by the HM Design. And in the waiting room area, a water fountain and evergreen plants helped to create a soothing ambience. Large amounts of natural light was brought in the main lobby so that interior plants would grow happily and in the waiting room area, a water fountain helped to create a soothing ambience for patients and their accompanying relatives and friends.

Awards & Media:


2000 –

Architectural Association of Kenya’s Commercial Category award

2014 –

Awards of Excellence in Commercial Category: Architectural Association of Kenya