Aga Khan University Hospital Imaging Center


Nairobi, Kenya

This Imaging Center is located at the junction of Muthithi Rd. and Chiromo Lane in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.

This Imaging Center was a trendsetter and the first fully dedicated Diagnostic Center between Cairo and Johannesburg when built in 1996. It was the first one to have an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine installed in the whole of Central and Eastern Africa. HM Design prepared architectural, landscape and interior architecture drawings for a 10,000ft2 hi-tech medical center and also supervised the construction and implemented the project. A meticulous design process was employed to create this first medical Diagnostic Center in Kenya. Several study models were built to understand the play of form and internal space as well as the complexities related to vehicular requirements. The first design was that of a ‘box’ and subsequent study models show how the ‘box’ has been broken. A 1:100 scale FINAL demountable model was kept on site to help all respective contractors to understand the interplay of the various spaces. HM Design led a professional team of 8 consultants. A structural engineer-owned fabrication company worked with the architect to create fanciful steel structures. Several artists were brought in to create relief and bring color to the inside and outside. And instead of cutting down the trees, they were actually celebrated! – an artist painted the shadows of 4-5 trees onto the Site office bringing to life the trees onto the office wall.

Awards & Media:


2000 –

Architectural Association of Kenya’s Commercial Category award

2014 –

wards of Excellence Merit Award in Residential Category: Architectural Association of Kenya