Al Beidha Lodge


Little Petra, Jordan

Al Beidha Lodge is located in Beidha region of Petra, 236 km south of the capital, Amman. It is strategically situated between Little Petra and Petra, both sites being a part of the UNESCO world heritage site, the Petra Archaeological Park. The Neolithic village of Al Beidha (Little Petra) is thought to have been occupied from 7200BC to 6500BC, which makes it one of the first settled villages in human history.

HM Design audited the prototype villa design of the local Architect and created passive design techniques to help cool the buildings without the use of air-conditioning. HM Design also collaborated in the design of a prototype villa. The project uses rammed earth as a building technology, which records as a first in the region. The ‘earth walls” are made from the earth crust found on the site, which means it has minimal impact on the environment. The project aims to provide a sustainable architecture for the Petra region and to offer ecologically sensitive and culturally appropriate design assistance to local Bedouins who were also involved in the construction. The main building that houses the Reception, Lounge, Dining, Kitchen, Stores and Back of House was constructed in late 2019.

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