Ecolodge Ebrie

Ecolodge Design

Park D'Azagny National Park, Ivory Coast

The lodge is located at the Eastern end of Ivory Coast’s largest Lagoon – Lagune Ebrie and inside the Parc National D’Azagny. It is accessible by Boat from the capital Abidjan as well as by road.

Ecolodge De Luxe Ebrié will be a high-end concession located just inside the South Eastern corner of Parc National D’Azagny a RAMSAR site which is home to some rare and endangered bird species as well as Chimpanzees, Pygmy Hippopotamus, Forest Elephants and Buffalo. HM Design proposed the development of 14 Cottages, all with views of the water canal and park. Also programmed are buildings that will house the Nature Activity Center and the Wellness Center. The Main Building form was inspired by the mosquito nets used by the local fisherman.

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