Hero Valley Panda Visitor Center

Landscape Design

Szechuan Province, China

This Visitor Center is located at the base of Hero Valley in the Wolong National Nature Reserve, China.

Hitesh was part of the team that provided both the Landscape Design and Architectural services for this ground-breaking Visitor Center which tourists need to visit if they plan to view Giant Pandas that are being kept in “fenced off” natural area before their eventual release into the wild. Hitesh’s team carried our intensive research on local building materials, construction techniques, garden-home relationships in local Qiang villages etc. and then designed a “continuity of the vernacular” project where the final aesthetic of the Visitor Center landscape design borrows from indigenous gardens as well as from the surrounding natural context. The Center has been sited in a way that the Hero River flows right through it. A trail from the Visitor Center and leading up the Hero Valley was also designed by Hitesh and his team.

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