Jambo Kilimanjaro Ecolodge

Ecolodge Design

West Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Jambo Kilimanjaro Ecolodge is located in Enduimet Wildlife Management Area (WMA), and on the lower western slopes of the world-famous Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. The no-hunting WMA is owned by the local Enduimet Maasai community.

HM Design was the lead Consultant, site planner, landscape architect and design architect for this new luxury ecolodge, situated within a community conservation area that protects key wildlife corridors (especially Elephant) between the Amboseli (Kenya) and Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) National Parks, and provide an opportunity for the local villages to generate revenue from the protected area and help alleviate poverty. The master plan includes high-end villas, main reception, dining and lounge building, conference center, wellness center, Wedding lawn and pavilion, wildlife waterhole etc. All built additions are at a scale appropriate to the local ecological and cultural carrying capacity of the region. The project will be a showcase for the crafts and produce of the local communities and provide a place to gather.

Awards & Media:


2016 –

FLASLA ‘Planning and Analysis’ award