Khumalo Stone Ecolodge

Ecolodge Design

Madopo World Heritage National Park, Zimbabwe.

Khumalo Stone Ecolodge is located in the Khumalo Communal Farmland, approximately five kms south of the entry gate to the Matopo National Park, Zimbabwe. The park and the Communal lands are within the UNESCO World Heritage Park. It is situated strategically on a rock promontory overlooking west towards the River Hove and east towards sunrise and Farm lands.

HM Design teamed up with LAND to create a site plan and architectural concepts for a design competition organized by ELEVEN Magazine based out of England. The site layout of Khumalo Stone Ecolodge has been inspired by the Mapela Hill archaeological site of the San People and the rich cultural fabric of the area will be integrated into the interior design of the guest buildings. The 24-bed lodge will have a Cultural Center that will be used by all the Khumalo Peoples for cultural entertainment and meetings. Other amenities include an outdoor Amphitheater and a View Point Gazebo to be located at the top of the rock hill and with views of sunset. Local symbology, customs, rituals, history, construction techniques, architectural forms, tradition, cuisine, tradition, history and wildlife conservation will all be showcased using the 6 C’s – Community, Culture, Commerce, Conservation, Context and Creativity.

Awards & Media:


2018 – Honourable Mention of Eleven Magazine’s SAFARI Lodge Design Competition