Lobolo Lodge

Ecolodge Design

Lake Turkana, Kenya

The existing ecocamp is located on the western shores of Lake Turkana, Kenya -a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lobolo, in Turkana language means “a place of abundant water” and true to it’s name, its an oasis with many water springs that keeps it alive and beautiful. Doum Palm forest abound.

HM Design consulted on the site selection, site planning and architectural design of a 30-bed ecolodge on a five-acre property. This project was planned and designed with the participation of local Turkana peoples who helped assess the impacts of the lodge on their daily livelihoods. HM Design tested the existing spring water flow to ensure that just enough water would be used for the lodge and that there was grazing land for the cattle of the local Turkana. All buildings were climatically designed (no air-conditioning) and were proposed to be built with local materials. The USA based OUTSIDE Magazine (3/2003) identified Lobolo Ecolodge as a state-of-the-art example of clean, low-impact architecture.

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