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Toalagnaro and Nosy Be, Madagascar

Ecolodge Lokaro is located on the Indian Ocean shores and three hours north of Toalagnaro (33kms) in Southern Madagascar. The bay of Lokaro is characterized by a succession of rocky promontories. The ecolodge is located on one of these promontories.
Ecolodge Sakatia is situated on the island of Nosy Sakatia which is located west of Madagascar’s top-most destination – Nosy Be Island. The Lodge site is located in the North East of this island and mainly includes Ampasindava beach.

Mr. Mehta consulted with the World Bank on the site selection, concept site planning and architectural design of two ecolodges in Northern and Southern Madagascar. Ecolodge Lokaro: This very exclusive 30-villa lodge has all the accommodations set back from the beach which is a nesting area for sea turtles. Either a day or a night walk is the best way to see the three most common species of lemurs found in our area: brown, wooly, and mouse lemurs. Or a short drive leads guests to large, fruit-eating, Flying Fox bats roosting in the forest adjacent to the mangroves network. Other activities include whale watching, diving, nautical activities, walks on the rocks and on the southern coves. Ecolodge Sakatia: Each of the 20-villas have views towards a beautiful beach with fine white sands opening onto turquoise sea water. Offshore are coral reefs (including the endemic black coral). The southern tip of the island is a still virgin primary forest where the smallest chameleon in the world lives (1cm) and many other species such as the fanihy (giant bats).
Ecotourism could catalyse reforestation on the island – with planting of native species to restock natural forest areas. A traditional resort ( Danae Beach Lodge) has been built on this beach and comprises 12 rooms.

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