P and S Shah Residence

Landscape Design

Nairobi, Kenya

P and S Residence is located in the Spring Valley suburb of Nairobi, Kenya.

This 1/3rd- acre property includes a 7,000ft2 House, staff quarters, garden, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and steam room. Careful siting ensured that not one single tree was cut and an existing native species was integrated into the garden design to provide a sensorial experience. HM Design changed the arrival experience to the house so that owners and guests arrive under the shade of existing Jacaranda trees. The strength of the garden design lies in the outside- inside relationships whereby the house and garden have a symbiotic relationship. Internally, the house focuses centrally around an atrium rock-garden which receives natural light through a skylight. The BAUHAUS inspired the main design theme and motif that pervades right through the landscape architecture – a juxtaposition of three perfect shapes – square, circle, and triangle. HM Design prepared landscape architecture construction drawings, specifications and facilitated project from inception to completion.


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