Qianshan New Village

Urban Design

Zhuhai, S China

Qianshan New Village is located in Qianshan District, center of Zhuhai City, S China.

Qianshan New Village is a 224,000 m2 mixed-use project, developed by Chinese real-estate development company Kadoo & Haijun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and authorized by the State Council of China. HM Design was the Planning and Design Team Leader for the development of this 15,000 resident socially friendly Village which offers a high quality mixed-urban village product, integrated in a cultural and environmental atmosphere under the concept of high-end and middle-end residential multi-story apartments, 4-star hotel, pedestrian mall, offices, retail, temple and heritage museum. HM Design in conjunction with other sub-consultants provided services from Conceptual Planning to Design Development. The project was completed in 2020. The clients consider themselves an agent of change and have committed to help all those villagers who had to leave Qianshan Old Village which was in a dilapidated state and needed to be demolished for the city to grow and for the local people to have modern amenities and utilities. The developers created a wonderful compromise in conjunction with the Local Government and the residents. They signed contracts with each occupant of the existing village and handed them payments for re-location rents and other costs. When Phase 1 was completed, the villagers from the Old Village were provided free apartments of equal size in the new North Site Residential complex of Qianshan New Village. The clients and consultants also preserved one major historical and cultural building – Heritage House, a small local temple, as well as build a whole new temple for residents. The project employs several ecological principles including native plantings, use of geo-thermal energy, re-cycled stone, environmentally friendly solid waste management systems etc.


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