Ram Setu Ecolodge

Ecolodge Design

Mannar Island, Sri Lanka

Located on the western tip of Mannar Island, Sri Lanka and close to the ‘Ram Setu bridge’ which the Hindu Elephant God “Hanuman” took to rescue the goddess Sita from the villain “Ravana”.

HM Design consulted with the World Bank/IFC on the site selection, site planning and architectural design of a 21-Villa ecolodge on a 20-acre property. The Development Programme also included Wellness Center, Wedding Pavilion, Water and Dune Villas, Observation Tower and Mangrove Boardwalk. The architectural form of the villas is a “continuity of the vernacular” of the fisherman huts along the beach and the design of the Observation Tower borrows from the lighthouse tower. This ecolodge was conceived to provide much needed jobs and benefits to the local Tamil community which was greatly affected during the civil war.

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