Kanungu, Kisoro, Kasese and Kabarole District Tourism Development Plans, Uganda (with EDSA)

Mr. Mehta was the project manager for the team that planned World Bank funded sustainable development tourism plans for four districts in Western Uganda. Each of the plans were independently done and prepared as four different development plans. These districts contain the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Ruwenzori Mountain National Park, Kibale National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park – protected areas that are important watersheds for Africa and which harbor the largest number of primate species in the world. EDSA produced in conjunction with local consultants and stakeholders including the Batwa, an overall sustainable tourism master plan which includes community based products, royal tombs, museums, ecolodges, visitor centers, mountain and forest trails, crafts markets. EDSA also developed Zoning Plans and Tourism Circuits.

01 KISORO 02 KISORO 03 Kisoro 03a 03b 03c 03c1 03c2 03d 03e 03e1 03e2 03f 04 ECHUYA 05 ECHUYA 06 ECHUYA 06a 07 BOARDWALK 08 CANOPY 08a 08b 08c 08d 08e 08f 08g 09 Kanungu 10 Kanungu 11 Ndoto 12 NGOTO Ecolodge 13 Ndoto perpspective 2 14 Ndoto perspective 2 15 Kasese_MP_11X17 16 Kasese_ZP_11x17 17 Kasese_CP_11X17 18 Bwenda Lodge 20 Bwenda Lodge_el 20a 20a1 20b 20c 20d 21 Kabarole_MP_11x17 22 Kabarole_ZP_11x17 23 KIBWETARE 23a 23c 23d 23e 23f 23g 23h

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