Hitesh Mehta has worked on many Interior architecture and Design projects.  These relate to Houses, Offices, Lodges and Exhibition Pavilions. Several of his interior architecture and Design projects have won awards.
Hitesh Mehta has been involved in:
Residential – Small Scale
  • Eco-Camelot, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
  • Cerro Verde Ecolodge, Galapagos
  • “M.J. House”
  • “Gem Houses” (2)
  • “M.D. Residence”, “B.B. Residence”
  • “River ecoHouse”
  • “Bombax House”
  • Basecamp’s Eagle View, Naboisho Conservancy, Kenya
  • “Redhill House”, “Radhadesh”, Nairobi: Designed houses and provided garden design conceptual drawings. Implemented projects (5/93 to 12/96).
  • “Shamte”, “Mukvana”, “N. Patel”, Nairobi: Co-designed and prepared architectural working drawings and garden design conceptual drawings. Implemented projects (2/94 to 12/96).
  • “Ramnik Residence”, Mombasa, Kenya: Prepared schematic design for a 9000 ft2  house on a 1/2 acre plot (6/96 to 12/96).
  • “MB Residence”, Nairobi, Kenya: Conducted site analysis and prepared measured drawings of 7000 ft2  house on a 2 acre plot. Designing conceptual drawings for renovations and alterations (5/96 to 12/96).
  • “Gulabkunj”, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Conducted site analysis. Prepared measured drawings of existing facilities and final design of a 4,000ft2 extension.
Supervised construction (5/93 to 7/96).
  • “P. P. Shah”, Nairobi: Designed and prepared architectural, garden and interior design drawings for a 7,000ft2 house. Facilitated project from inception to completion (4/92 to 6/94).
  • “Sarit Centre”, Nairobi: Designed master site plan and final architectural drawings for a 160,000ft2  first-phase addition to the existing center. Preparing interior design and landscape design for phase 1. Designed interior landscaping and furniture, and prepared alternatives and final painting scheme for 250,000ft2 existing building (7/90 to 12/96).
  • “Hotpoint Showroom”, Nairobi: Designed a 4000 ft2  showroom for a large house appliance store. Implemented the project (10/95 to 10/94)
  • “Fresh Bake”, Nairobi: Designed the interior of a 2,000ft2  bakery and cafe. Implemented project (4/95 to 9/95).
  • “Green Village”, Nairobi: Designed and prepared architectural drawings for a 500ft2  fruit and vegetable shop. Supervised construction (2/95 to 5/95).
  • “The Frame Shop”, Nairobi: Designed the interior of a 500ft2 art frame and gallery. Implemented project (3/94 to 6/94).
  • HM Design Office, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • “Diagnostic Center”, Nairobi: Designed architectural, landscape and interior drawings for a 10,000ft2  hi-tech medical center. Implemented the project (5/95 to 7/96).
  • “Sterling Health Ltd”, Nairobi: Conducted analysis of existing facilities for a pharmaceutical corporation. Co-designed and prepared interior design drawings for 4,000ft2  offices (1/94 to 7/94).
  • “Vintage Travel & Tours”, Nairobi: Designed and prepared interior design drawings for a 2,000ft2 travel agency. Supervised construction (7/91 to 5/92).
Exhibition Pavilions:
S O C I A L   M E D I A