Crosswaters Ecolodge and Spa


Guangdong Province, S China

Crosswaters Ecolodge is located in Nankun Shan Nature Reserve, Guongdong Province, South China and is 1 ½ hours northeast by road from Guangzhou. The largest village in the Reserve, Shangping Village (see photo on left) lies a few kilometers from the Crosswaters Ecolodge site.

HM Design President – Hitesh Mehta was part of a unique five-member Architecture Team and was responsible for the initial Architectural conceptual ideas as well as the ‘continuity of the vernacular’ building style deeply rooted to the neighboring villages. The way the building forms relate to each other and to the landscape became important in planning, as well as in the more detailed organization of the buildings from the interior to the exterior. Building materials are either from nature eg stone from the dry river beds, mud for walls or recycled and reused eg. roof tiles from already demolished buildings (by locals) in the village, railway ties etc. Local craftsmen were brought in to help with all the rammed earth wall and bamboo construction. The lodge includes Main Building (Reception, Lounge, Dining and Kitchen Building), five types of Guest Accommodations, Spa, Conference Center, Tea-Room, Welcome Center, Maintenance Center, Observation Tower, Star-gazing Tower, Pencil Tower, etc.

Awards & Media:


2009 – “China Best Design Hotels Awards” for ‘Best Concept Hotel’ and ‘Judges Choice’ to Crosswaters Ecolodge and Spa, Shanghai, China


Architectural Journal China