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    Welcome to the altruistic, creative, sensitive and multi-disciplinary modern-renaissance firm of HM Design. This web-site showcases HM Design projects from all across the globe and exhibits professional services ranging from Protected Area Physical Planning to Architecture to Public Speaking to Photography! The President, Hitesh Mehta (pictured) is one of the world’s leading practitioners and researchers on ecotourism physical planning, landscape architectural and architectural aspects of ecolodges. Hitesh is an eco-Architect, eco-Landscape Architect, Environmental Planner, Professional Photographer, Adjunct Professor and Author.

    This web site includes eco-designs of Ecolodges, Residential Houses; eco-planning of Sustainable Tourism Destinations and green designs of Office buildings and Cultural Centers. Browse this web-site and experience some of the most environmentally and socially friendly projects on the planet.

    Hitesh Mehta

Coming Presentations & Ecolodge Workshop!

Hitesh will be a Keynote Speaker at the conferences below:

Indian Society Of Landscape Architects Seminar on Planning for Climate Change – New Delhi, India – July 23, 2016

IFLA AR-URBIO CONFERENCE 2016 on “From Cities to Landscape:Design for Health and Biodiversity”  – City of Knowledge, Panama City, Panama- October 25-27, 2016

Vermont State Landscape Architecture Conference – Burlington, Vermont – October 6, 2016

Hitesh will be conducting a 5-day Ecolodge Planning and Design Workshop:

International School of Sustainable Tourism Annual Ecolodge Workshop – Metro Manila, Philippines  – September 19-23, 2013

If you want more information about the Conferences or the Ecolodge Workshop please Contact HM  Design on this web site.




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