Coming Presentations & Ecolodge Workshop!

Hitesh will be a Keynote Speaker at the conferences below:

Indian Society Of Landscape Architects Seminar on Planning for Climate Change – New Delhi, India – July 23, 2016

IFLA AR-URBIO CONFERENCE 2016 on “From Cities to Landscape:Design for Health and Biodiversity”  – City of Knowledge, Panama City, Panama- October 25-27, 2016

Vermont State Landscape Architecture Conference – Burlington, Vermont – October 6, 2016

Hitesh will be conducting a 5-day Ecolodge Planning and Design Workshop:

International School of Sustainable Tourism Annual Ecolodge Workshop – Metro Manila, Philippines  – September 19-23, 2013

If you want more information about the Conferences or the Ecolodge Workshop please Contact HM  Design on this web site.




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