Virunga Massif Transboundary Tourism Plan, DR Congo, Rwanda and Uganda (with EDSA) 

Mr. Mehta was the lead consultant of the team that prepared a protected area transboundary tourism plan for the Virunga Massif which harbors half of the world’s Mountain Gorilla population and eight volcanoes. One of the main purposes of this long term plan is to demonstrate how tourism can help alleviate livelihoods of local people while at the same time protect endangered species such as the Mountain Gorilla and Golden Monkey. The overall plan includes hotels and camping sites, ecolodges, visitor centers, boardwalks, canopy walks, trails, entry gates, park administrative offices, visitor / interpretive center, local crafts markets and tourism information offices. Detailed GIS Physical Analysis were combined with Metaphysical analysis to create a low-impact destination. 

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